The Advis Information Repository: Facts and Updates

Published: March 16, 2020

Given the current pandemic, hospitals and health systems have an urgent and critical need to keep up with sudden regulatory change. The Advis Information Repository is our attempt to provide detail and continual guidance to clients and associates.

First and foremost, the Repository is an up to date information resource. Here you’ll find information regarding changes to Medicare and Medicaid CoPs, Infection Control Standards, changes to Billing and Enrollment, Licensing Standards, and help with FEMA Grants and Reimbursements. The information is here. Our extensive knowledge, specialized skill set, and broad experience help you in real-time to think strategically and maximize revenue flows. From regulatory and compliance issues to FEMA reimbursement consulting, the experts at Advis stand ready. We provide expert healthcare consulting services regarding COVID-19 related challenges.

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The Information Repository Table of Contents:


FEMA September Guidance

FEMA Whitepaper: Key Funding Distinctions for Hospitals

FEMA Offers New Guidance on Eligible Care Costs

Tips To Prepare For Your FEMA Filing

FEMA Guidance Regarding COVID-19

FEMA Announces Extended RPA Application Deadline and Streamlined Process

FEMA Reimbursement Available to Private Non-Profit Hospitals. Learn How. Act Now

Lessons Learned from Navigating FEMA in Collaboration with The Texas Hospital Association


Reporting Requirements for Provider Relief

CARES Act Funding Overview

More CARES Act Funding: Focus on Provider Hot Spots

Immediate Money Available to COVID-19 Responders: CARES Act

President Trump Signs $2 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Package


CMS Expands Telehealth Services for Medicare and Medicaid

Telehealth COVID-19 Impact

CMS Provides Additional Telehealth Waivers & Flexibility to Providers

FCC Approves COVID-19 Telehealth Program

CMS Offers Written Guidance on Telehealth Coding and Procedures

New From CMS: Sweeping Expansion of Telehealth Coverage for All Medicare Beneficiaries


National Government Services (NGS) Recap for COVID-19 Medicare Advanced and Accelerated Payments

The Post-Pandemic Future of Healthcare

Phase One: Resuming Elective Surgeries During An Extended Period of Crisis

CMS COVID-19 Office Hours

New COVID-19 Stimulus Bill: Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act

New Funding Allocations Announced

CMS Announces MIPS Credit for Clinicians that Report COVID-19 Clinical Data

FAQs, Answers and Updates

New Nursing Home Transparency Guidelines from CMS

Crisis Related FAQs Answered by Advis

CMS Prioritizes Survey Process Amid COVID-19 Crisis

President Trump Declares National Emergency- Eases CoPs Restrictions for Hospitals

Regulatory Waivers:

CMS Releases New Blanket Waivers and Interim Final Rule for Providers Countering the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Permission to Get it Done: CMS Issues Sweeping Regulatory Waivers to Promote Action

New State Specific CMS 1135 Approved Waivers

CMS Issues Blanket Regulatory Waivers Amidst COVID-19 Crisis


HRSA Is Offering 340B Flexibility During Public Health Emergency


Industry Survey: Battling a Blossoming Virus

  • CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Strategy and Reporting Assistance
  • FEMA Funding Strategy and Filing Assistance
  • Telehealth Regulatory Guidance and Reimbursement Strategy
  • 340B Program Regulatory Flexibility Guidance and Optimization Strategy
  • Section 1135 CMS Blanket and Specific Regulatory Waivers
  • State Executive Order and Medicaid Regulatory Waivers
  • General Medicare and Medicaid Regulatory Guidance and Strategy
  • Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  • Commercial Billing and Reimbursement Guidance
  • Pharmacy Distribution Chain Waivers
  • Operations and New Facility Development
  • Other Strategic Planning and Counseling

Advis is an industry leader in healthcare regulation, compliance and state and federal reimbursements. Advis stands ready to assist organizations with all COVID-19 related tasks and responsibilities as we navigate these challenging times together. Please visit the Advis COVID-19 Crisis Response page for more information.