Expert Facility Development

Advis has been long recognized as an expert in the development of healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Advis has been a key facilitator in the feasibility and facility development of more than 50 Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, along with other types of hospitals, CORFs, ASCs, free-standing ERs and IRFs.

Advis reviews all applicable statutes, regulations and requirements in regard to the facility being developed and its operation. We create a development contract and included are the following areas:

  • Federal and state regulatory compliance
  • Governance and organizational structure
  • Medicare certification and state licensure
  • Finance/reimbursement
  • Bed allocation
  • Product line structuring
  • Facility space utilization
  • JCAHO accreditation
  • Physician credentialing
  • Mock survey(s) – Which will assure readiness for Medicare certification and state licensure
  • Orientation and educational work sessions for clinical staff and physicians
  • Case management integration

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In addition, we serve as a liaison with the Fiscal Intermediary to assure a smooth working relationship before and after exemption. We will also work with the architect and/or contractor regarding space configuration for compliance with federal hospital regulations. Finally, Advis will help guide design for optimal marketing and programming positioning.

Clients turn to us for recommendations for an organizational management structure that complies with federal regulations and enhances productivity. Advis will then promote an outcome-based philosophy among administrative and clinical staff. Our consultation can be both on- and off-site throughout the project.

You can count on us to provide only the best in facility development service.