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Healthcare Storylines Overshadow COVID-19

Advis’ VP Bryan Niehaus is quoted in this week’s edition of Healthcare Dive regarding price transparency.

More than Half of Health Care Executives Expect 340B Reporting Requirements

Advis’ latest survey has been featured in this week’s issue of 340B Report.

Industry Executives Weigh In On Upcoming Election Results

Our newest survey provides opinions and  insight into the upcoming election.

The New Normal for Hospitals: 6 Months In

Advis CEO Lyndean Brick is quoted in this article of Healthcare Dive regarding the new normal for hospitals.

Healthcare Providers are prepared for a second wave of Coronavirus

Advis’ survey results are featured in HealthExec examining the effects of the pandemic

CMS: 325K Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with COVID by May 16

Advis’ Survey shows majority of healthcare executives are prepared for a second surge of Coronavirus

Hospitals Put Their Focus on Patient Volume Post-Pandemic

“Executives wrote to Advis that they have hired diversity officers, started new programs, launched scholarship funds and opened new facilities in areas hardest hit by COVID-19”.

Advis’ CEO Lyndean Brick joins Crain’s Roundtable on Health Care Innovation

Lyndean Brick shares her insights regarding changes shaped by the pandemic.

Observers Cautiously Optimistic That Haven Will Assist Industry Progress

Lyndean Brick of Advis gives her thoughts on the new leadership change in this recent Modern Healthcare article.

The Coronavirus: Hospitals in Tampa Bay are prepared.

Hospitals in Tampa Bay are beefing up their preparedness strategy if and when the Coronavirus hits Florida. Advis’ Monica Hon gives her input in the Tampa Bay Times.

Industry is Skeptical About New Price Transparency Rules

The president signed an executive order on price transparency. Advis compiled a comprehensive survey and is ready to share the results in this article by Managed Healthcare.

Hospital Disaster Preparedness: Key Tips Explained by Advis Vice President

September is the peak of hurricane season. Advis Vice President Ryan Yokley explains hospital reimbursement strategies available from FEMA.

ASCs could get more Medicare customers, and more quality requirements after CMS rule

Changes in cost are on the horizon for ambulatory surgical centers. Advis’ own CEO gives her thoughts on where ASCs are headed.

Understanding the why in Hospital Mergers and Partnering

Advis CEO discusses the underline reasoning why struggling hospitals have sought out mergers.

Technology trends, specifically robotics are driving Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Recently Advis’ own Monica Hon, Vice President and Director of Client Solutions was featured in the July issue of ASC Focus Magazine.

Micro-Hospitals are the way of the future.

On Friday April 26, 2019, Advis was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business online, offering our expertise on the importance of Micro-hospitals and their impact in communities they serve.

Strategy and Analytics in Healthcare

Advis’ CEO Lyndean Brick has been featured in this week’s issue of Chicago Crain’s Business Magazine. She provided her take on utilizing big data in Healthcare.

Medicaid expansion gains passage in three states

Advis CEO discusses the recent elections impact on Medicaid.

CMS says new Part B drug plan would drop costs, but drug makers have to play along.

Advis Vice President, Dan Avants, discusses the new Part B drug plan and its effect on manufacturer pricing.

Rules aim to meet dual CMS goals of saving money, doctor empowerment

Advis CEO discusses the reduced payment for outpatient visits and the CMS allowing greater access to virtual visits. What does it mean for providers?

Site-Neutral payments finalized despite hospitals’ objections.

Advis CEO discusses the potential effects of the recently finalized site-neutral payments.

Sporting new CMS-approved plan designs, Medicare Advantage insurers target enrollee expectations

Advis CEO discusses the potential future of Medicare Advantage plans.

Hospital execs fail to reduce costs where needed

Advis CEO discusses the need to merge data from various sources to be able to glean insights.

Long-term care hospitals: Overpaid or underappreciated?

Advis Vice President, Susan Maupin, discussed the potential impacts of eliminating Medicare coverage of long-term care hospitals.

Find the right partners to make virtual groups for MIPS worth it for your practice

Advis consultant, Tom Clifford, discusses the advantages of participating in a virtual group.

Not-for-profit hospitals’ cost-cutting isn’t keeping up with revenuedecline

Advis CEO discusses the need for not-for-profit hospitals to look at nontraditional revenue as their key to success.

Promoting Interoperability hardship exception application opens; keep receipts

Advis Consultant, Tom Clifford discusses hardship exceptions in the MIPS Promoting Interoperability category.

CMS proposes streamlining Medicare provider application

Advis CEO discusses the CMS proposal on Medicare provider applications and the effect that may have on erroneous applications.

We discuss the effect that insurers forming their own network for care delivery will have on the patient.

13 Things Medicare Won’t Tell You

Advis CEO discusses the new Medicare Advantage plans and the types of coverage those plans may entail.

Chicago’s Notable Women in Healthcare 2018 – Crain’s Custom Media

Advis  President and CEO, Lyndean Brick named to Crain’s Custom Media Listing of Notable Women in Chicago Healthcare.

Atul Gawande faces ‘tremendous task’ as CEO of health initiative formed by Berkshire, JPMorgan Chase, Amazon

We discuss the challenges that will be faced by recent pick to head the Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan healthcare venture, Atul Gawande.

Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire crown Gawande: Does he have the business chops?

Advis comments on the recent appointment of Atul Gawande to be the CEO of the healthcare venture by Amazon, JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway and what he will have to do to be successful.

Rural hospitals look for help to survive.

We discuss the evolution of the hospital and how healthcare doesn’t have to mean inpatient beds.

Lyndean Brick on WBBM Noon Business Hour

Lyndean discusses the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase entry into healthcare and what companies may follow suit. Click the link above to listen.

Medicare Part A will run out of funds in 8 years, Medicare trustee report says

Advis President and CEO offers her thoughts on how to protect Medicare through solutions like better end-of-life planning and reimbursement for palliative care.

Can Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon fix health care? It won’t be easy

Advis CEO breaks down the feasibility of Amazon, Chase and Berkshire Hathaway’s entrance into the healthcare market and how they can leverage their size and resources to create a brand new healthcare model.

Just What The Doctor Ordered?

Rhapsody is a publication that is circulated throughout United’s First and Business Class cabins. Our CEO shared her thoughts on Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway’s entry into healthcare and the effect it will have on healthcare insurance.

For Now, Hospitals Hang On Despite CVS, Optum And Walmart Threats

Advis  CEO shares her thoughts with Forbes on how innovators are faring better these days. 

Amazon made another bold move into healthcare that went relatively unnoticed.

Advis CEO on the retail giant’s push into the Medicaid market and if they are poised to take over Walmart.

Amazon Prime to offer Medicaid recipients discounted memberships.

Advis Group CEO, offers thoughts on Amazon’s push into the healthcare space by offering Medicaid recipients discounted Amazon Prime memberships.

Micro-Hospitals gaining favor with health systems amid shift to ambulatory care.

Advis CEO, offers her insight on Micro Hospitals as a way to change the cost curve.

No love lost for the Anthem imaging policy.

Advis CEO, offers insight on how the Anthem imaging policy may force hospitals to reduce costs on MRI and CT scans.

What the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan deal means for payers.

Advis CEO, offers her thoughts on the recent healthcare entry by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan and what effect it could have on payers.

Should insurers be worried about Amazon’s entry into healthcare?

Advis CEO, offers insight regarding Amazon’s entry into the healthcare sector and the subsequent impact this entry will have on the insurance companies.

What health care companies are doing for their health

Advis CEO, offers insight regarding recent healthcare mergers and how those mergers will effect consumer choice.

Healthcare execs look to make deals in 2018

Advis CEO, offers her thoughts on the widespread “merger mania” as it relates to the pressure to reduce prices.

New survey guidance could affect microhospitals

Advis CEO, sits down with HCPro regarding new CMS survey guidance that is zeroing in on the agency’s definition of a micro hospital.

Hospital megamergers may lower overhead, but at what cost?

Advis CEO, offers insight on recent mega mergers and the subsequent effect in policy making.