The Advis Information Repository: Facts and Updates

Published: March 16, 2020

Given the current pandemic, hospitals and health systems have an urgent and critical need to keep up with sudden regulatory change. The Advis Information Repository is our attempt to provide detail and continual guidance to clients and associates.

First and foremost, the Repository is an up to date information resource. Here you’ll find information regarding changes to Medicare and Medicaid CoPs, Infection Control Standards, changes to Billing and Enrollment, Licensing Standards, and help with FEMA Grants and Reimbursements. The information is here. Our extensive knowledge, specialized skill set, and broad experience help you in real-time to think strategically and maximize revenue flows. From regulatory and compliance issues to FEMA reimbursement consulting, the experts at Advis stand ready. We provide expert healthcare consulting services regarding COVID-19 related challenges.

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  • Section 1135 CMS Blanket and Specific Regulatory Waivers
  • State Executive Order and Medicaid Regulatory Waivers
  • FEMA Funding Strategy and Filing Assistance
  • Telehealth Regulatory Guidance and Reimbursement Strategy
  • 340B Program Regulatory Flexibility Guidance and Optimization Strategy
  • General Medicare and Medicaid Regulatory Guidance and Strategy
  • Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  • Commercial Billing and Reimbursement Guidance
  • Pharmacy Distribution Chain Waivers
  • Operations and New Facility Development
  • Other Strategic Planning and Counseling