Since the public health emergency (“PHE”) was declared in January 2020, the need for Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals (“LTACHs”) has continued to grow. The PHE left many hospitals at beyond capacity searching for appropriate placement for critically acute patients in need of extended inpatient care. Those areas with LTACHs found themselves using the LTACH for non-COVID admissions while other LTACHs served as COVID admission placement for those with extensive respiratory needs to be addressed. Even as COVID admissions have decreased, the usefulness of this venue of care has achieved new heights.

As we look to transition to a post-COVID-19 emergency era of healthcare delivery, many of the lessons learned, such as the value of telehealth and care at home, will undoubtedly carry forward. It is also prudent to continue to explore the viability of LTACHs for providers and locations with chronic shortages in short term acute care beds.

Our latest Advis whitepaper discusses the viability of LTACHs and why it still remains a very valuable care venue post COVID-19.

The team at Advis can help you or your organization evaluate the need for LTACHs and navigate the waivers to ensure compliance and financial viability. For assistance, please contact Advis through our website, or by calling (708) 478-7030.

Published: September 23, 2022