An experienced team with forward-thinking vision.

Advis helps you go beyond just keeping pace with industry change to ensure your next move is not only right, but steps ahead of the pack. Our healthcare consultants guide you every step of the way toward implementing forward thinking, revenue producing solutions, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Advis quickly helps you reach a successful outcome. Our goal is nothing less than realizing your vision. That’s the art of healthcare smart.

Executive Leadership Team

Targeting your needs, we leverage our industry knowledge and leadership in healthcare and solution development to align with your specific business needs.

Our expert healthcare consultants lead the vision and direction to achieve your overall ambitions.

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Lyndean Brick
Lyndean Brick Founder | President | CEO | J.D.
Robert Monroe
ROBERT MONROE Vice President | General Counsel | J.D., LL.M.
DANIEL AVANTS Vice President | J.D.
VALERIE FORD Vice President | Enrollment
monica hon advis
MONICA HON Vice President | J.D.
RYAN YOKLEY Vice President | J.D., MHA
SUSAN MAUPIN Vice President | J.D., R.N.
CHRISTOPHER VITAS Director of Operations
MYRON BRICK Director | Strategic Communications
Ryan Bailey
RYAN BAILEY Vice President | J.D., C.H.C.
Bryan Niehaus
BRYAN NIEHAUS Vice President | J.D., C.H.C.
ANDREA GRAHAM Senior Consultant | Enrollment
PRESTON SISLER Senior Consultant | J.D.
jake beechy idtf
JAKE BEECHY Senior Consultant | J.D.
michael french 340b
MICHAEL FRENCH Senior Consultant | J.D.
amanda bogle 340b
AMANDA BOGLE Senior Consultant | J.D.

CHRISTUS has enjoyed a very successful relationship with Advis over the years on so many strategies and creative concepts that have richly strengthened our success and fulfillment of our mission.