FEMA Disaster Response and Recovery Consulting

Ensure Your Preparedness When Disaster Strikes

Successful recovery from a catastrophic, bottom-line impacting natural disaster is essential for a provider’s community, employees, finances, and operations. For years, we have assisted providers in receiving the FEMA funds they so desperately need to rebuild their broken infrastructure after natural disasters. Advis has helped providers after some of the largest natural disasters in our nation’s history, including Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, and Harvey. The immense damage from these storms was unprecedented, which is why it’s so imperative to stay prepared before disaster strikes.


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FEMA Help Sheet Available

Advis has over 25 years of experience helping healthcare organizations navigate the FEMA reimbursement process. For further information or assistance dealing with FEMA, Download the Advis COVID-19 FEMA Help Sheet right away.


Advis offers a variety of Disaster Response and Recovery services, including:

    • Determining eligibility
    • Identifying and categorizing your losses
    • Developing a funding approach
    • Reconciling FEMA and insurance recovery
    • Development of a rebuilding plan
    • Final inspection and close-out
    • FEMA program and financial audits