Preston Sisler


  • Medicare/Medicaid Billing
  • Reimbursement requirements
  • Healthcare System Operations


  • Valparaiso University School of Law, J.D.
  • West Virginia University, B.S. Business Administration

About Preston

Preston G. Sisler is a Senior Consultant with Advis.  Preston focuses primarily on regulatory issues related to complex healthcare system operation and compliance. His expertise includes:

  • Post-Acute Care;
  • Facility Development;
  • Medicare Rules and Regulations; and
  • Governance.

Applying that expertise, Preston works to:

  • Ensure optimum compliance with third party and Medicare/Medicaid billing and reimbursement requirements;
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations necessary for the operation of hospitals and off-site locations;
  • Conduct audits and ensure compliance of home health facilities;
  • Analyze and prepare state licensure/Certificate of Need applications, enrollment applications, and provider-based attestations;
  • Analyze and apply state and federal privacy and security laws; and
  • Analyze and apply fraud and abuse regulations to ensure compliance for healthcare providers.

Preston works with a variety of clients, including:

  • Post-Acute Care Facilities;
  • Home Health Facilities;
  • Specialty Hospitals; and
  • Complex Healthcare Systems.

Previous Experience:

Prior to joining Advis, Preston was a Partner at a law firm in Northwest Indiana, focusing on healthcare law, corporate law and other general practice areas.

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CHRISTUS has enjoyed a very successful relationship with The Advis Group over the years on so many strategies and creative concepts that have richly strengthened our success and fulfillment of our mission.