The 340B annual recertification period for hospitals will begin on August 5th.  Recertification is an annual requirement for 340B program participation.  It is critical that the recertification be completed by September 9, 2015; failure to do so will result in automatic removal from the 340B Program.

Recertification also provides an opportunity for hospitals participating in the 340B Program to review and certify that their registration information in the Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) database is correct. Applicable facilities include Disproportionate Share Hospitals, Children’s Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, Free Standing Cancer Hospitals, Rural Referral Centers, and Sole Community Hospitals.

Prior to the recertification period, each covered entity’s primary contact and authorizing official (AO) will receive preliminary information about the recertification process from the OPA. Once the recertification period begins, only the AO will receive a username and password to perform recertification for both the main hospital and all registered practice locations. Using this information, a hospital representative must log into the 340B database, update information as needed, and attest to the hospital’s compliance with 340B Program requirements. Again, it is critical that the AO complete this recertification by September 9, 2015; failure to do so will result in automatic removal from the 340B Program.

In order to ensure a successful recertification, each covered entity’s AO and primary contact person must clearly understand the recertification process. If your AO or anyone involved with your 340B team has any questions or requires further clarification and assistance regarding recertification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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