East Texas Border Health Clinic (d/b/a Genesis PrimeCare) believes a healthy community benefits every individual within that community and is on a mission to positively impact the health and well-being of the communities in its services areas.  This belief is reinforced by providing exceptional care to its patients. With ten (10) Federally Qualified Health Centers’ (FQHCs) in the Texarkana, Atlanta and Marshall TX areas, Genesis PrimeCare is able to serve over 40,000 patients per year, the majority of which are from rural communities.

In addition to providing quality healthcare in a timely manner to rural communities, Genesis PrimeCare also provides a vast assortment of preventative health services, including disease prevention, patient education, and mental health services.  Genesis PrimeCare also positively impacts its rural communities’ economies through job creation, outsourcing facility maintenances and repairs to local businesses and staffing positions at its own facilities.

The Provider Enrollment Department at Advis, and our featured Vice President Andrea Graham, have helped Genesis PrimeCare with its professional hires by credentialing practitioners in commercial, managed care, and governmental insurance plans.  Offering in-network care for a variety of plans makes the Genesis PrimeCare clinics accessible to more patients and, thus, a greater asset to the community.

Genesis PrimeCare has specific outreach goals that contribute mightily to the health and safety of the communities it serves.  To build a health community, Genesis PrimeCare focuses on:

  • Practicing healthy habits with kids;
  • Engaging with school efforts to encourage healthy practices;
  • Learning more about the decisions local officials are making that impact the Genesis PrimeCare service areas;
  • Providing a series of healthy options to the community, and;
  • Seeking out volunteer opportunities that engage both kids and adults.

To keep meeting the demands of the underserved patients, Genesis PrimeCare prides itself on offering unique, total care to all ages and stages of life (newborns to seniors).  For example, its blood pressure cuff distribution program gives daily monitoring to patients that suffer from uncontrolled hypertension but have limited access to care and medication.

Advis will always support this kind of effort to better serve the community. Our Enrollment experts have extensive knowledge of state and managed care Medicaid enrollment procedures, and Andrea’s expertise allows Genesis PrimeCare to maximize timely reimbursement, including, in some instances, retroactive claims. As a non-profit FQHC, Genesis PrimeCare needs every penny available to continue its mission and reach its goals.

The successful, on-going relationship between Advis and Genesis PrimeCare has been a win/win for both consultancy and client. The relationship has made it easier and more profitable for Genesis PrimeCare to focus on providing the best possible care to the communities they serve. At the same time, Advis helps Genesis PrimeCare ensure their providers and clinics are appropriately in-network, benefiting both patient and practice.  As Genesis PrimeCare constantly strives to bridge community patient population gaps, knowing Advis has all provider enrollment matters under control has put Genesis PrimeCare’s reimbursement worries to rest. Nothing distracts Genesis PrimeCare from its mission of quality patient care.

Published: June 16, 2022