Advis has been developing micro-hospitals for years and what the industry thought was a momentary trend has evolved into a viable forward-looking strategy. This past year at Advis inquiries regarding micro-hospital feasibility and development projects have tripled in volume. Either established health systems are looking to enter a new market with a smaller footprint or aspiring entrepreneurs see micro-hospitals as a viable way to enter the healthcare arena.

Healthcare is changing. Today’s consumer is savvy. They look for convenience, quality, safety, and choice. The same reasoning stands behind the success of telehealth, urgent care/minute clinics, and freestanding emergency facilities. A successful micro-hospital is always nearby, state-of-the-art, convenient, and easy for the consumer to access. The expansion of scope-of-services beyond core hospital capabilities is the driving force behind micro-hospital development projects.

Advis highlights the value of the viability of this model for ensuring a safe provision of care with the capability to implement state-of-of the art telehealth and AI initiatives in our latest whitepaper.

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Published: July 14, 2022