Key Areas of IDTF Development:

IDTFs present a potential business development strategy for hospitals and independent providers alike, allowing providers to expand their continuum of care, increase overall market share, and enhance patient satisfaction. Moreover, IDTFs may vary in scope and strategy when addressing changing market need. There is no cookie cutter way to develop a successful IDTF.  A proper, well-thought out strategy, with an eye on adhering to the compliance rules, is vital to every successful project.

This Advis report addresses the following key areas of IDTF development:

• What is an IDTF?
• Why Develop an IDTF?
• What Design Elements Support IDTF Development?
• What Is the Difference Between a Mobile IDTF and a Fixed Base IDTF?
• What Kind of Staffing Is Required for an IDTF?
• How Long Does It Take to Get an IDTF Up and Running?
• What Are the Requirements for Licensure and Medicare Certification of an IDTF?

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