While virtual spaces to hold meetings and communicate wasn’t novel, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the virtual meeting’s adoption rate to skyrocket. Overnight, C-suite executives drafted entire emergency response plans and executed them to address the many issues surrounding virtual management in the healthcare industry. And if virtual management is to continue, as is likely, what lessons can be learned from the pandemic experience to improve the efficiency and efficacy of managing your healthcare team in a 21st Century environment?

Virtual management isn’t the same as “in-office” work or managing an “in real life” team. Virtually managing a team requires skills and techniques that are different and unique from in-person team management.

This whitepaper presents a select few possible tools to improve managing in the virtual world. If you or your team is wondering about other ways to improve your management team functions, or seek to increase your compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards, contact Advis today at (708) 478-7030 to discuss a possible operational assessment or management guidance project.

Published: May 31, 2023