FQHCs- A Regulatory Overview: How Hospitals Can Benefit From Successful FQHC Collaborations

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced sweeping changes to the healthcare landscape. Our hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges. Outside-the-box thinking will be imperative to your recovery strategy. Today’s savvy hospitals are exploring collaboration with FQHCs as an innovative opportunity to prepare for the coming changes in healthcare delivery and reimbursement.

Collaboration with FQHCs strengthens a community’s healthcare infrastructure, increases access to care, promotes added value, and encourages appropriate utilization of services throughout the community. FQHC collaboration could be an efficient way for you to manage the increasing volume of patients that come with Medicaid or Medicare-like programs. Hospital/FQHC partnerships can result in significant cost savings for a hospital. Your post-pandemic financial recovery may well depend upon those savings.

It all comes down to execution. Here the experts at Advis provide for your review a comprehensive white paper about FQHC collaboration strategies. Let us assist your organization with strategy development and implementation. Visit our website and click the download button for our complimentary FQHC white paper. Learn how collaboration with an FQHC can further your organization’s goals.

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Published: August 20, 2020