The latest survey from Advis is out and the results are in. Two dramatic conclusions are strongly supported: 1) that today’s providers feel much better prepared to confront a second Pandemic wave; and 2) that their sense of preparedness relies to a great extent on the relaxation of regulations and guidelines once endemic to the industry. Over 100 leading healthcare executives were eager to share their experience and wisdom regarding the future with Advis.

Although the majority feel prepared for a second surge later this year, areas of industry-wide concern persist. Respondents are worried about replacing lost patient volume and revenue as well as staffing issues and burnout rates. Concern remains about the likeliness of a second wave of pandemic and the continuing high costs and a shortage of medical supplies. There remains little question that ‘The Future of Healthcare’ will differ in significant ways from its past.

As for our system responding to the Pandemic’s disproportionate effect on communities of color, a horrific price was paid for what is now almost universal recognition that the Social Determinant of Health (SDoH) really matter. Almost 65% of respondents report that their organizations are reexamining existing protocols, policies, and practices. But almost 37% of providers are already well engaged with the issue. That’s over 90% of the industry taking SDoH issues more seriously than ever before. The Pandemic is changing our definitions of Health and Healthcare.

For the first time in a long time, the Pandemic is forcing change upon some of the regulatory conditioned rents supporting industry costs. Ironically, it’s the changes in the regulations that are bolstering industry confidence.

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