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The introduction of Telehealth and its broad acceptance offers interesting options for healthcare facilities under pressure to reduce costs and maintain quality care.

Advis has worked with a variety of providers to establish virtual care systems in the most effective manner possible. From selecting the optimum digital platform to identifying reimbursement and compliance procedures, Advis partners with you to ensure that virtual care is delivered effectively and in sync with overall facility and financial goals. In addition, Advis ensures that all the proper regulatory requirements are being met.

Although at times used interchangeably, Telehealth and Telemedicine have in fact two distinct meanings. Telehealth includes aspects of Telemedicine but so much more. Telehealth not only refers to a specific service, but several unique practices and additional services as well. The Center for Connected Health defines four applied domains to comprise Telehealth:

    • -Live Videoconferencing: an Interaction between patient and provider;
    • -Store-and-Forward: Health history transmission from one provider to another;
    • -Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): personal health Data exchange from patient to provider; and
    • -Mobile Health (mHealth): Electronic communication expressing practice and education.

Alternatively, Telemedicine refers to consultation or examination between practioners and patient specifically through telecommunication (i.e., mental health counseling and dentistry).


Today, both Medicare and commercial payers have taken steps to ease access to Telehealth services, especially during the PHE. In the Advis Resource Library, our team of expert Telehealth consultants have written many articles regarding Billing, coding, and changes to Telehealth policy as a result of the PHE. We have also addressed what is most likely next for Telehealth post-PHE.

Advis has published numerous articles regarding Telehealth in our COVID-19 world. For more information, please visit our Information Repository.

Advis advises clients through all phases of this new form of care delivery. Our services make telehealth and telemedicine turnkey engagements. To get in touch with a Telehealth expert at Advis call or fill out the online form below.

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