Market Assessment allows Advis to determine demographics, disease prevalence, needs, priorities, and other behavioral characteristics for a group of people within a defined area. Healthcare organizations can use this information to optimize marketing efforts, improve product and service offerings, and to target specific patient populations. Assessments can be applied to inpatient, outpatient, and community populations to inform both strategic plans and business development endeavors.

Market Assessments answer questions like:

  • How big is current market share?
  • What are the highest volume service lines in the market? The highest volume diseases?
  • What is the current demand in the market? What does demand look like by care site?
  • What is the distribution of Insurance payers in the market and how do households pay for services?

Benefits of Market Assessments include:

  • Increase patient engagement;
    • Direct and targeted communication between providers and patients increase the overall patient experience.
  • Marketing;
    • Tailoring messaging to healthcare consumers most likely to be receptive allows specific promotions of products and services ultimately saving time and money.
  • Service and Revenue Optimization;
    • Focuses efforts on different types of providers and services based on key differences in market areas.
  • Business Development;
    • Identify gaps and areas with short fall and opportunity for increased market share to better serve patients and patient need.

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