An increasingly vital component in the post-acute portfolio.

Home health agencies (HHAs) are viewed as a cost-effective option for many patients when compared with institutional counterparts such as skilled nursing facilities and inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Agencies provide skilled nursing services, other therapeutic services to homebound patients and are subject to policies developed by physicians and registered nurses.

A broad range of Medicare and state regulations impact HHAs. The complex regulatory environment affects healthcare services including:

  • Patient selection
  • Physician certification
  • Clinical services
  • Administration
  • Reimbursement
  • A host of other operational requirements

State and federal agencies aggressively monitored HHAs for compliance as a means of identifying both fraud and abuse violations. As a result, HHAs must closely monitor compliance, operations, and billing to ensure that all requirements are being met.


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Advis provides consultation to our HHA clients who are located in different states and operate across state lines. Advis has the experience and expertise to assist our clients regardless of their state(s) of operation, Certificate of Need environment, or whether they are located in an area subject to a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services HHA enrollment moratoria.

Learn more about Home Health

  • HHA feasibility, development and provider Medicare and Medicaid enrollment
  • Conditions of participation regulatory guidance, survey, audit and compliance
  • HHA regulatory guidance for branch, subunit, and drop site utilization and development
  • HHA relocations, service area changes
  • Personnel, staffing and service requirements
  • HHA Prospective Payment System guidance, auditing, and evaluation
  • Corrective Action Plans for Requests for Anticipated Payment (RAPs) suppression
  • HHA changes of ownership
  • 36-month rule compliance including changes of ownership and corporate reorganizations
  • Strategies for HHA services and transaction is an area subject to the CMS enrollment moratoria

Find out with a fast, affordable assessment from Advis.

With new CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs) now in effect, home health providers must demonstrate compliance to ensure proper reimbursement.  To gain a clear understanding of where you stand regarding these new rules, the regulatory and compliance experts at Advis are offering a fast, affordable 10-Point Home Health Baseline Assessment Plan. The Advis audit team will examine:

  1. Sampling of Medical Record Documentation
  2. Medicare Enrollment Record
  3. Governance Structure and Oversight
  4. Administrator/Clinical Manager Responsibilities
  5. Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Program
  6. Patient Financial Notification Requirements
  7. Patient Clinical Notification Requirements
  8. Patient Rights and Associated Policies
  9. Emergency Preparedness Policy
  10. Infection Control Policy

Advis has over 30-plus years of experience providing services to home health agencies. But because of the brief window of time to ensure compliance and the industry’s changing regulatory landscape we are offering this baseline inspection at a reduced rate to select home health agencies. We are also available to take extra steps to confirm compliance with:

  • Personnel qualifications for all employees/contractors
  • Medical records documentation across a larger, representative patient sample
  • Billing and coding requirements
  • State-specific licensure provisions
  • Third-party (i.e., The Joint Commission, Der Norske Veritas) accreditation standards

For more information on our 10-Point Home Health Baseline Assessment, or to discuss in greater detail how these new and updated CMS Home Health CoPs will affect your organization, call Advis at 708-478-7030.

Our assessment results will be detailed in a written Report of Findings. If we find something missing, an Action Plan will be included containing the necessary template documentation for you to meet the new CMS standards.