Credentialing with commercial payors for healthcare practitioners, including pharmacists in Washington and California, does not have to be such a headache. As experienced credentialing and enrollment experts, submitting countess of filings on behalf of health care providers and entities, Advis can also help your pharmacists enroll with these commercial payors efficiently from obtaining an NPI until your first claim submission.

Each commercial payor has different rules, regulations, processes, timelines, and seemingly unnecessary roadblocks that can stall the enrollment process. Your providers need a quick and effortless way to complete these enrollment filings so that they can concentrate on providing patient care and bill for these services. An organization needs their new practitioners enrolled in a timely manner to reduce claim holds and cash flow delays. Advis can handle all of this for your organization seamlessly and efficiently. The Advis team is proficient with maintaining NCQA and ProviderSource database additions and updates.