The recent proposed updates to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule include proposed clarifications to the IDTF standards. The updated guidance in the proposed rule confirms CMS’ understanding and acceptance of advanced technologies capable of providing diagnostic testing.

Under the proposed rule, an IDTF supplier that has no beneficiary interaction, treatment, or testing at its practice location will not be subject to several traditional IDTF standards, including:

  • The requirement that the facility employ technicians, and have them on staff and onsite;
  • Maintaining specific licensing requirements for all states in which services are rendered;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive liability insurance policy;
  • Maintaining a policy and process for handling patient complaints;
  • Maintaining specific signage at the physical location; and
  • Maintaining calibrated testing equipment on-site.

These changes are a welcome update from CMS. If approved they would solidify the strategic opportunity of the IDTF model for the emerging technologically advanced diagnostic service field.

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Published: August 18, 2020