Don’t let a Location Change Impact Enrollment!

Hospital based practice locations frequently open, close and relocate.  To ensure receipt of important notifications and to maintain efficient billing practices, periodic updates of practice location information should be a priority.  Pay particular attention to the correspondence address, which commonly agrees with the practice address.  The same set of practices apply to the Special Payments Address (where, if necessary, paper checks or remittance advices are sent) at each and every location. After all, a simple change of a billing agency may trigger a Special Payments Address change as well.  With a billing agency change often comes a lockbox change for paper checks.  This, too, requires a Special Payments Address update to Medicare.

Thus when locations change ask the following questions:

  • Is the practice location also used as a Special Payments Address or Correspondence Address?
  • Does the address change come with a new phone or fax number?

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