All signs point to the end of the LTACH moratorium this September.

LTACH development and expansion was halted in 2007 by the enactment of MMSEA, with a subsequent extension that will finally sunset on September 30, 2017. Advis is anticipating the likely resurgence of this important provider venue. In addition to serving the acute patient population in need of extended inpatient care, LTACH’s play a vital role in a short-term acute-care hospital’s continuum of care: LTACHs stem losses due to extended lengths of stay and increased patient acuity.

Now is the time to assess the appropriate size for a possible LTACH expansion. Can your program benefit from an additional 10 or 20 beds? Which model is the most effective for your organization, HwH or freestanding?

Do not wait until the Fall to conduct feasibility studies and develop an expansion strategy. Such action can take months to conduct and conclude. Use this time to establish a strategy which allows for board review and approval processes to permit development projects to start immediately upon the moratorium’s end. Utilize this time to determine a plan for expansion of your current bed complement, to introduce a new location or satellite, or to add a new LTACH to your care continuum.

Advis will continue to monitor and provide updates regarding the LTACH moratorium and its anticipated sunset. Visit our LTACH information center or contact a consultant today at 708-478-7030 with any questions or for assistance with your feasibility or planning needs.

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