Advis’ CEO Lyndean Brick has been featured in this week’s issue of Chicago Crain’s Business Magazine. She provided her take on utilizing big data in Healthcare.

The article focuses on AbilityLab’s strategy to launch a $6 million-dollar tool called Ability QuotientThe tool measures a patient’s rehabilitation steps and recovery progress, helping to guide insurers and doctors toward the most efficacious treatment modalities. The tool tests patients in areas such as cognition, balance and endurance. The data then explains to clinicians where exactly to place their focus if patients prove lacking in specific areas.

In turn, Clinicians seek and are promised a better basis for prediction and more comprehensive benchmarking of patient outcomes, all of which should result in higher reimbursement rates. Brick emphasizes that ‘without a measurable viable outcome system, all you have is cost… Those who do not do well by way of patient outcomes should either get better or leave the market entirely.”

We expect insurers to embrace this tool as a way to distinguish between providers and to ensure that they are paying for quality care. Read more about the tool here in Crain’s.