Advis President and CEO, Lyndean Brick, Talks Social Determinants of Health in HealthLeaders.

Emerging reimbursement models are leading to growth in investment in the conditions which underlay the social determinants of health. In today’s healthcare, industry leaders realize the traditional forms of service cannot keep up with the volume and wide socioeconomic range of patients. Working within a broader scale of social programs can help people stay healthier, and assure a higher return on investment. Hospital leaders standing behind social programs, hospital participation revealing the role played by social determinants of health in an individual’s health, both are indicators of a new perspective on how to enhance the institutional and financial stability of hospitals. Even consultants who assist with social determinant in healthcare issues are seeing a boost. The ancillary costs of poverty are getting a new look.

Access the full article here What To Expect In 2020: An Even Greater Focus On Social Determinants Of Health to learn more about Advis’ perspective on social determinants which affect healthcare.

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