Advis Vice President, Monica Hon, featured in Fierce Healthcare:

Fierce Healthcare lays out 5 trends and issues to watch in 2020, including the diversification of Medicare Advantage, price transparency, the rise of outpatient services and more. Hon adds her expertise regarding the future of price transparency. The rule, which is being contested in court, could fundamentally change how insurers negotiate with hospitals to cover these services. The rule brings up questions about revealing “private information for the sake of transparency,” says Medicare Advantage plan specialist Monica Hon.

But it remains unclear how the court battle over the rule, which has garnered opposition from not just hospitals but also insurers, will play out. Experts in price transparency and hospital groups behind the lawsuit challenging the rule have had success getting favorable rulings that struck down payment cuts.

“I think there is going to be a lot of back and forth,” Hon said. “Whatever the result is, it will impact how payers and providers negotiate rates with this transparency rule. Either way, Medicare Advantage plan support and enrollment in MA plans will continue apace.”

Access the full article here 5 trends and issues to watch in the insurance industry in 2020 to learn more about Advis’ perspective on the future of price transparency.

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