Opening WholeLife Authentic Care, an OBGYN and family practice medical clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, was President Nicole Havrilla’s goal for five long years. Centered on restorative health, the clinic treats the whole family, from pre-conception throughout adulthood. Havrilla’s personal experience traveling out-of-state to seek natural, holistic care for family planning and overall wellness shaped her desire to bring similar options to her local community. The Provider Enrollment Department at Advis, led by featured Vice President Valerie Ford, has helped credential WholeLife’s practitioners in commercial and governmental insurance plans. Offering in-network care for a variety of plans is important to WholeLife, which seeks to make the clinic accessible and affordable to patients.

WholeLife brings a new approach to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, relying on the Creighton Model FertilityCare System along with NaProTECHNOLOGY. These
approaches offer natural methods of family planning and managing reproductive health. When the practice opened in November 2019, there were 900 patients waiting to be seen, reinforcing Havrilla’s assessment that the community needed these specialized services.

To prepare for the opening, WholeLife sought guidance from two different credentialing firms to enroll the practice’s two physicians in commercial and governmental insurance plans. After experiencing communication and transparency issues with these firms, WholeLife’s attorney referred Havrilla to Advis. During that first call, Advis recognized that the course of action taken by the previous firms did not actually meet the practice’s needs. Within hours, Advis was
able to obtain the enrollment status updates that WholeLife had been seeking for months. Advis quickly created a plan to accelerate the entire enrollment process.

Valerie’s extensive knowledge of State Medicaid enrollment procedures ultimately allowed WholeLife to maximize its full reimbursement potential, including from retroactive claims. As a non-profit that relies on donations to support its mission and one that desires to provide care to any patient, regardless of ability to pay, every dollar saved helps further WholeLife’s outreach and mission.

The flourishing relationship between Advis and WholeLife has led to an expansion in the scope of services, including the enrollment of new practitioners and the
addition of more insurance plans. In the coming year, WholeLife looks forward to further establishing its community presence and adding a second surgeon to meet the ever-growing need. Trusting Advis to handle all provider enrollment matters has given WholeLife the time to focus on its passion: the patients

Published: May 7, 2021