Our thoughts and prayers are with the millions of people suffering in Texas, and especially our colleagues in the healthcare industry who are heroically serving on the front line of this crisis.

Private Not-for-Profit (PNP) hospitals that have sustained a loss in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey may be entitled to financial reimbursement from FEMA. Advis has significant experience navigating the FEMA reimbursement process, helping PNP hospitals receive FEMA reimbursement for incurred costs for which no alternative means of reimbursement exists. Free and helpful resources to help you understand eligible FEMA expenses and support your claim filings are available for download, using the form to the right, or give Advis a call at 708-478-7030.

Filing Deadline for FEMA Public Assistance for Texas PNP Hospitals is October 24, 2017.

Access FEMA Reimbursement Guidance Forms

  • Disaster Mutual Aid Agreement
  • Emergency Materials Summary Record-Cont.
  • Hurricane Harvey FEMA Guidance
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Form-Hurricane Harvey
  • Provision of Emergency Materials Summary Record
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