Robby Shelton fired an opening round 62 to lead ‘A Military Tribute at the Greenbriar’, the first tournament on the PGA’s fall schedule, by two shots. What a way to announce your arrival to the PGA Tour! Having been fans, supporters and a sponsor of Robby’s for some time now, it’s fantastic to see him succeeding at this level. “We can only wish Robby continued success and keep our fingers crossed for the weekend,” said Lyndean Brick, a leader in healthcare management services, President and CEO of Advis, and a recognized leader nationwide in compliance, regulation, and reimbursement consulting. “Robby knows his way around a golf course, any golf course,” says Brick. “The same thing goes for strategic planning in healthcare. One shot at a time is the best way to get it done. That way you can handle any issue.” Hit ‘em straight and putt ‘em true! The mark of an expert golfer and an expert consultant, too.