Modern medical practices and healthcare organizations only want to hear from law firms when necessary. Nobody likes surprises. Today’s healthcare system needs a major health system diversity plan to avoid surprises. ADVIS understands that each organization is unique. But the steps necessary to develop a Diversity & Inclusion plan (D&I Plan) with protocols is not. Via a three-phase approach, Assessment, Awareness Training, and Skills Training, Advis empowers your team with the tools required to create workable cultural improvement strategies.

The best plans require a cultural integration execution strategy to match. The process allows Advis to tailor each program to specifically fit a client’s needs. This highly prized culture of inclusion, this safe and supportive work environment, is not going to be the same for everyone. Variables proliferate. Medical professionals advocate for diversity; there’s diversity inherent to every multi-faceted medical organization; large medical organizations have their own distinct cultural issues. Sometimes facility development and staff management need to be integrated as well. The smart organization plans its culture in advance. It develops a strategic action plan for organizational health management as well as patient care. The best diversity and inclusion action plans for healthcare systems do all of the above.

At Advis, we take the time to assess and get to know your culture before designing the right program for your organization. With our extensive healthcare experience, we understand the extra complexities of this heavily regulated field and the steps necessary for the successful implementation of a Diversity & Inclusion program for a medical organization. Whether it is bystander training, designing unconscious bias protocols, implementing a full Diversity and Inclusion program, or enhancing your current process, Advis is the right choice for healthcare providers. Advis is the only healthcare consulting firm with this level of expertise in both fields. By setting up a basic D & I program you allow people an outlet for complaints without fear of retaliation.  Simply stating that your corporate culture is fair and unbiased is insufficient. Mere verbiage leaves you vulnerable.

Give your staff and patients alike the necessary structure –the feeling of safety and security– that derives from good strategic planning. Especially in the healthcare space that is what counts. Once the proper program is instituted, now every employee can voice their opinions and concerns in a safe and secure environment, an environment free of discrimination, bias, and harassment. Take a proactive approach. Create a safe environment for your staff and clients. Don’t wait for a frivolous lawsuit you know is inevitable to arrive. Defend your organization from EEOC scrutiny simply by providing your staff a proper way to be heard. Click here to learn more.