Uncompensated Care Audits

DSH Payment and Uncompensated Care Audit Response

Advis has significant expertise in reimbursement consulting, involving a wide range of government programs and commercial payors. Advis places significant time and energy into tracking and interpreting emerging healthcare trends to support your organization’s bottom line and overall financial health.

CMS has announced new regulations that will alter how DSH payments are calculated in 2018. These regulations have launched a new wave of government audits scrutinizing historic claims for uncompensated care.

Advis has developed a specialized five-step response plan to help providers navigate the new rules. To implement the response plan, Advis will work directly with your organization to perform the following vital tasks in the lead-up to the announced changes:

  1. Review policies for charity care write-offs, bad-debt collection, and self-pay discounts;
  2. Assess current operations for compliance with all related policies;
  3. Interview targeted stakeholders to identify procedural gaps;
  4. Review patient-level data and financial statements for uncompensated care claims; and
  5. Conduct DSH payment calculations to predict impact to provider revenues.

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