Strategic Planning

Innovation and Success through Effective Strategic Planning

With the impact of an unsettled political landscape and increased regulatory scrutiny, to the rise of consumerist care models back-dropped by shrinking margins and ever-diminishing inpatient admissions, with the shear intensity of today’s competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever for providers to anticipate their future through robust and effective strategic planning.

Advis provides innovative thought leadership, outside-the-box strategic planning and practical problem solving to produce the quantifiable outcomes needed for success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.  Our national experience ensures a strategy that propels you forward; our customized approach ensures a plan that is operationally achievable, financially feasible, and clinically beneficial.


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Strategy Defined:

Simply stated, strategy draws a straight line through a labyrinth of probable contingencies and possibilities.  In healthcare, where resources are necessarily limited, sound strategy rests upon the smart determination of basic long-term organizational goals, sufficient allocation of ancillary resources, and the implementation of a course of action necessary to achieve your goals.

Strategy is as much about what you are NOT going to do as what you are going to do.  In a time of increasingly rapid, sometimes dramatic change and constrained resources, healthcare organizations must move beyond consensus-oriented planning to a process focused on making difficult choices.

In short, strategy is the art of plotting an optimal direction for an organization, of balancing and counterbalancing competing objectives while protecting against uncertainty to achieve prioritized goals.

Our clients benefit from our smart thinking. Advis identifies new revenue ideas and operational solutions to strengthen provider operations and create a healthier, more financially secure future.

Advis “Healthcare Smart” Model

Regulatory Challenge

From independent community hospitals and multi-hospital health care systems to academic medical centers and physician-owned group practices, Advis delivers high quality and exceptional service. We also deliver outcomes that advance operational performance, enhance the bottom line, and far exceed expectations.

Planning Approach

Advis knows an effective planning process must be timely and well-integrated with the organization’s financial and capital plans as well as their daily operational realities.  Our four-phase approach to strategic planning allows us to quickly move the process forward, rigorously testing strategy design every step of the way:

  • Rapid Diagnostic Assessment includes:
    • Overview of national and regional market dynamics;
    • Evaluation of performance; and
    • Analysis of opportunities supported by the rules and regulations that govern healthcare.
  • Strategy Design:
    • Creative, breakthrough ideas are at the core of our planning process;
    • Once we have identified your opportunities and weakness, we work closely with you to design tactics and strategies that both solve your problems and exploit your opportunities; and
    • From new models of care delivery to new affiliations, acquisitions, organizational structures, business lines, technologies, or even the discontinuation of old offerings, and/or your reorganization to support future growth.
  • Plan Implementation:
    • With the establishment of a sound, disciplined understanding of the impact and importance of each area of strategic focus created with the engagement and consensus of key stakeholder groups, an implementation plan is developed that delineates responsibilities and timelines for each party and plan activity.
  • Ongoing evaluation and amendment as needed:
    • Advis is committed to your success. We pride ourselves on superior outcomes and a unique ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.  We demonstrate our commitment through an ongoing review process that anticipates trends and makes appropriate adjustments in a timely manner.

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