Advis partners with providers to develop strategic and realistic plans that build long-term results. Advis professionals, legally-trained consultants, financial experts, clinicians, hospital executives and business strategy experts, have hands-on experience working with hospital systems, community hospitals, physician groups and other providers across the country to envision and implement their future.

We guide the strategic planning process with attention to reimbursement, continuum of care, the regulatory environment, and the unique culture, circumstances, mission and aspirations of each organization.

The Strategic Planning Process

The Advis strategic planning process includes the following:

  • Evaluation
  • Self-assessment and visioning
  • Comprehensive market analysis to assess the competitive position of the facility (including client insights)
  • Operational realities
  • The overall financial health of the organization
  • A compliance and risk component to ensure new strategies operate successfully within the parameters of the client’s compliance landscape
  • Work with legal and risk teams to ensure that new strategies meet applicable federal, state and local regulations

This all-inclusive process includes gives facilities strategies that can be accomplished and a timeline that governs implementation. Advis professionals ensure that your plan is competitive, actionable and results-oriented. Advis not only delivers the plan but stands ready to assist with the implementation of newly developed strategies, offering ongoing analysis of plan goals and achievements in real-time.

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