The Advis Data Science and Analytics team creates custom data visualizations and dashboards that enable end users to make informed decisions. Advis has extensive experience creating operational, strategic and analytical data visualizations and dashboards that serve as business intelligence tools. These tools display data in easily understood ways, providing an objective view of key performance indicators and results that serve as an effective basis for further discussion.

Our expert data science and analytics team develops custom interactive dashboards that encourage users to explore and learn from their data. Our dashboards allow drill-down features to arrive at specific metrics. Advis is available to assist during the entire process of dashboard creation, including strategic planning, data gathering and cleaning, visualization, user training and distribution.

Additionally, Advis can help with dashboard hosting services in the event the right tools are not readily available.

Our Data Visualizations and Dashboard Development Services Include:

  • Dashboard Design and Optimization; 
  • Data Tracking and Analysis;
  • Interactive Maps;
  • Heat Maps;
  • Reporting; and
  • Ad Hoc Applications.

Examples of Dashboards and Benchmarks implemented by Advis include:

Claims and Charges Dashboard

  • Charges Summarized by Revenue Code
  • Charges by Financial Class and Patient Type
  • Delays in Charge Entry
  • Place of Service Coding
  • 855A Exact Matching
  • Modifier Utilization

Reimbursement Dashboard

  • Denial Rates
  • Reimbursement Percentages by Payer
  • Charity Care / Bad Debt
  • Billing and Payment Delays
  • Capitated Contract Monitoring

Patient Insights Dashboard

  • Demographics
  • Procedure / Diagnosis Codes
  • Patient Origin
  • Registrations by Month and Year
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Cost per Patient
  • Patient Satisfaction (HCAPHS)
  • Time Between Visits

Other Dashboard Categories

  • 340B
  • Supply Chain
  • TJC Standards (e.g., Life Safety)
  • Compliance Work Plans
  • Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements

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