>>Small Space. Big Impact. The Micro-Hospital Solution.

Small Space. Big Impact. The Micro-Hospital Solution.


Small Space. Big Impact. 
Free, Must Have Resource For Micro-Hospital Feasibility and Development

In this FREE download, the experts at The Advis Group explore the origin of the micro-hospital, exact definitions, benefits, CMS requirements and outside the box strategies for feasibility and development. You’ll also get our most frequently asked questions and answers.

We will cover a wide array of micro-hospital feasibility and development topics, including:

  • Origin of Micro-Hospitals
  • Definition of a Micro-Hospital
  • Micro-Hospital Affiliations
  • Micro-Hospital Benefits
  • CMS “Primarily Engaged” Standard
  • Site and Services Selection
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Micro-Hospital Right For You?