On Wednesday, December 9, Advis is hosting a live Webinar on the telehealth flexibilities implemented during the Public Health Emergency and what’s next for providers. These telehealth changes ensured patients could receive the care they needed without exposing themselves or providers to COVID-19. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many providers have made changes to their practices to better serve patients, including implementing or expanding their telehealth network in accordance with the on-going Public Health Emergency waivers. CMS implemented the flexibilities that allowed providers to continue providing quality care during a time when most patients were encouraged to remain home and only seek health care services if absolutely necessary.

CMS now seeks to permanently finalize many of these changes. Others will remain in place only through the duration of the PHE. As such, providers’ telehealth frameworks – including coding, billing, and reimbursement – may be impacted by the Final CY 2021 MFPS Rule.

If you are a provider wondering what is next for telehealth and what changes may be coming post the Public Health Emergency, this webinar will provide you with the information to prepare.

During the webinar, the experts at Advis share their knowledge and experience related to the vast and sweeping changes that made telehealth more practical for providers and more accessible for patients.

Topics covered include:

• Which telehealth regulations have changed due to the pandemic?
• Who can provide telehealth services?
• Where can telehealth services take place?
• Which codes can be billed via telehealth?
• What technology is required for telehealth services?
• How do providers bill for telehealth services?
• What does the CY 2021 MPFS Rule mean for providers?
• When will the telehealth flexibilities end?

Visit our website to join Advis for this highly stimulating, interactive telehealth live webinar on Wednesday December 9, from 3PM-4PM CST. For more information, please contact Advis at 708-478-7030.

    Telehealth live webinar on Wednesday December 9, 2020 from 3-4PM CST.

    Registration fee for each participant: $149

Updated November 12, 2020