FEMA has awarded more than $43 billion in reimbursement to eligible applicants since the start of the pandemic. Providers are starting to see some relief with lower caseloads and higher vaccination rates. In response to this current progress, FEMA has established a new deadline for submission of Requests for Public Assistance (RPA) along with Project Applications.

FEMA previously announced that the submission period would remain open for the duration of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE). Due to the improvement of COVID-19 in the U.S., FEMA has now established July 1, 2022 as the deadline to submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA) related to the pandemic. The RPA submission  preserves an applicant’s opportunity to file a future FEMA COVID-19 claim for reimbursement. If you choose to submit an RPA, you are not required to also submit a claim for expenses thereafter. Because RPA submission may involve coordination with your state’s emergency management agency, beginning the submission process well in advance of the July 1 deadline is advised. Advis generally recommends filing an RPA in case FEMA becomes an option for your nonprofit organization this year, and is available to assist with this application process.

Additionally, FEMA has announced an interim submission deadline of December 31, 2022 for all project applications pertaining to COVID-19 work completed from January 20, 2020 through July 1, 2022, the end date for 100% federal funding. In other words, project applications must be submitted by CYE 2022 for FEMA reimbursement consideration of eligible COVID-19 expenses incurred through July 1, 2022.

However, FEMA funding will remain available for eligible work conducted after July 1, 2022, under the 90%/10% cost share, until the FEMA COVID-19 incident period is closed. FEMA has not yet stated when the incident period will end, and whether it will be tied to the expiration of the overall federal PHE. It is possible that the 90%/10% cost share may be extended beyond the close of the PHE, if FEMA decides to keep the incident period open.

FEMA is in the process of developing an interim policy to provide further guidance, which Advis will monitor closely. Our Advis experts are ready and available to assist your organization through all stages of the FEMA Public Assistance funding process. Contact us online or at 708.478.7030 for further guidance.

Published: April 7, 2022