Recent as well as forthcoming guidance from CMS will impact your provider-based business strategy and bottom line. Learn what CMS expects from you. Learn how best to respond to ensure uninterrupted reimbursement payments. Provider-based strategy is still viable and, in some cases, absolutely necessary. Advis shows you how and why.

Oftentimes, our constantly changing regulatory landscape leaves providers with more questions than answers.  Most recently, providers have applauded the release of CMS’ draft guidance on space sharing. This guidance clarifies how providers may share public spaces as long as certain conditions are met.  However, this draft guidance, as well as other somewhat murky provider-based regulations, continue to leave many providers wondering how provider-based regulations and reimbursement will impact them going forward. Adding to the confusion, Exact Match reinforcement threatens claim processing stoppage for non-compliant off campus services.

For 340B providers, understanding how site-neutral reimbursement and 340B savings work together can cause even more confusion. As reimbursement for provider-based departments continues to change, more important than ever is to strategically utilize provider-based status to maximize 340B savings while balancing the attending regulatory requirements.

During this interactive webinar, provider-based experts from Advis will share their knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive overview of provider-based status, regulatory requirements, common compliance obstacles, and potential strategies to maximize reimbursement associated with provider-based billing.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is provider-based status?
  • What are the regulatory requirements associated with provider-based status?
  • How do recent enforcement trends (e., CMS’ draft guidance on space sharing and CMS’ exact matching requirements) impact provider-based compliance and strategies?
  • Should you submit an attestation for your provider-based locations?
  • Are you using the correct modifiers?
  • How do you strategically use provider-based status to maximize 340B savings?

Who should attend?

  • CEOs;
  • CFOs;
  • Strategy and Growth officers;
  • Business Development officers;
  • Coding and billing personnel;
  • In-house counsel.

    Provider-Based live webinar on Wednesday, July 31, from 11-12:30PM CST.

    Registration fee for each participant: $249