How to Scale-down and Stay Compliant

As the health care industry continues its shift toward value-based reimbursement structures, health care providers continue to face pressure to deliver the best possible care at the lowest possible cost. One emerging trend directly addressing this challenge is micro-hospitals. Operating in a compact clinical and administrative framework, a micro-hospital delivers care in a highly effective, low-cost setting.  When implemented correctly, micro-hospitals are an excellent vehicle for navigating today’s changing healthcare reimbursement landscape.

But how do you rescale medical staff credentialing and privileges?  How do you ensure your micro-hospital is compliant with CMS’ new “primarily engaged” standard?

Advis President and CEO, Lyndean Lenhoff Brick, recently went on the record with HCPro’s Credentialing Resource Center Journal, to discuss what providers need to know  Use to the form to read the article, and view Advis’ guidance for meeting the new “primarily engaged” standard, or give us a call at 708-478-7030.

HCPro feature on Micro-Hospitals with The Advis Group President and CEO, Lyndean Lenhoff Brick

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