LTACH’s: An Integral Part of the Continuum Care. New Regulations. New Opportunities

In this FREE download, the Advis LTACH consultants explore LTACH development, feasibility, and operations, as well as, LTACH characteristics, benefits, recent CMS reimbursement and compliance changes, federal and state requirements and outside the box strategies. Our seasoned LTACH experts also discuss the successful operation of an LTACH and the opportunities available due to recent regulatory changes that now allow an LTACH to develop rehabilitation and psychiatric units.

  • What is an LTACH?
  • Current status and future of the LTACH
  • Common Medical Complexities
  • Benefits of LTACHs
  • Top LTACH Patient DRGs
  • Recent Regulatory Changes
  • Potential Difficulties and Challenges
  • Blended rates and the transition
  • Adding psychiatric and rehabilitation distinct part units
  • Removal of the 25% rule implementation
  • LTACH management

Is a long term acute care hospital right for you? Is your current LTACH optimized?