The IDTF as a Post-COVID Business Strategy: The How and The Why

This July, Advis is hosting a live Webinar on IDTFs (Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities). Given the financial strain experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued pushback toward hospital reimbursement rates, developing independent or even hospital-owned IDTFs becomes the strategic play for savvy providers and business people. Sometimes you have to compete with yourself to stay ahead of market forces. Sometimes you have to lead the market. These are those times.

Thriving in the post-COVID environment requires provider innovation. Remain flexible and adaptive to change. For providers faced with potential lost revenue and/or possible patient retention issues, the IDTF emerges as a significant business opportunity. An IDTF reduces operational burdens compared to hospital-licensed space. For entrepreneurs, IDTFs already represent a significant business opportunity. Moreover, IDTFs may represent THE strategic solution for providing independent or hospital–owned diagnostic services in alternative modalities, such as mobile and/or multi-state service models.

If you are contemplating jumping into an IDTF, this fact filled, fast paced hour will provide a comprehensive, how-to overview of the subject.

Today’s IDTF is much more than an independent imaging center. Today, IDTFs commonly encompass diagnostic services beyond radiology, helping to capture/retain patients and generate/maintain revenue flows. We discuss the full spectrum of possibilities.

During this hour together, the experts at Advis share their knowledge and experience regarding IDTFs as a strategic business option for hospitals and entrepreneurs. Advis is one of the most prolific, most experienced, and most successful developers of IDTFs in the country.

Interested yet?

Topics to be covered include:

• What is an IDTF?

• Why develop an IDTF?

• What design elements support IDTF development?

• What kind of staffing is required for an IDTF?

• What type of diagnostic testing is allowed in IDTF?

• How much does it cost to develop an IDTF?

• What is the difference between a mobile IDTF and an IDTF?

• How long does it take to get an IDTF up and running?

• What are the requirements for licensure and Medicare certification of an IDTF?

• Do commercial payers recognize IDTFs and reimburse accordingly?

Who should attend?

• CEOs;

• CFOs;

• Strategy and Growth officers;

• Business Development officers;

• Entrepreneurs;

• In-house counsel; and

• Ambulatory leadership.

*Announcement: GE Healthcare and Shared Imaging will be joining our upcoming IDTF webinar. The experts will be sharing their perspective on implementation, cost, and strategy for creating successful IDTFs.

    IDTF live webinar on Thursday, July 30th, 2020 from 11-12PM CST.

    Registration fee for each participant: $149

Published: July 10, 2020